Cree XP E2 Photo Red

The XP-E2 platform offers an unbeatable combination of optical control, excellent light output and the ceramic high-power LED reliability that has made Cree LEDs famous. The XP-E2 LED family is now available in Photo Red (660 nm) and Far Red (730 nm) colors to deliver the family's benefits to the LED horticulture lighting industry, with 68 percent. Welcome to Kaidomain.com KD. My Account. Register; Login; Wish List (0) Checkout; Home; Brands; Contact Us; New Arrivals; Specials; Hottest Gadget XLamp XP-E2. Photo & Far Red. Best-in-Class Output & Efficiency. Easy Upgrade Path. Drop-in compatible with existing XP-based designs. Up to 57% higher minimum flux output. Only LEDs with >3.2 μmol/J PPE at both 660 & 730 nm. Up to 68% higher efficiency than competing LEDs

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  1. Cree XPEPHR-L1-P3-14/15 Varianten LT-2686: 8x CREE XP-E2 P4 Rot auf Streifenplatine LT-2687: 8x CREE XP-E2 Q4 Grün auf Streifenplatine LT-2682: 8x CREE XP-E2 Royal Blau auf Streifenplatine LT-3487: 8x CREE XP-E P2 Red-Orange auf Streifenplatine LT-3497: 8x CREE XP-E2 PC Amber auf Streifenplatine LT-3507: 8x CREE XP-E Photo Red auf Streifenplatine LT-3517: 8x CREE XP-E2 M2/M3 auf Streifenplatin
  2. XP-E2 Photo Red und Far Red LEDs sollen bis zu 68 Prozent mehr Leistung liefern als die Konkurrenz - Cree, Inc. bringt die nächste Generation der XLampXP-E2 Photo Red (660 nm) und Far Red (730 nm) LEDs heraus, die bahnbrechende Leistung bei Beleuchtungsanwendungen im Gartenbau erbringen sollen. Die neuen Red XP-E2 LEDs sind Austausch-Upgrades für die bisherige Generation und übertreffen nach Herstellerangaben die Leistung konkurrierender LEDs um bis zu 68 Prozent
  3. Cree XPEPHR-L1-P3-14/15 Varianten LT-2689: 4x CREE XP-E2 P4 Rot auf 34mm Rund-Platine LT-2690: 4x CREE XP-E2 Q4 Grün auf 34mm Rund-Platine LT-3489: 4x CREE XP-E P2 Red-Orange auf 34mm Rund-Platine LT-3499: 4x CREE XP-E2 PC Amber auf 34mm Rund-Platine LT-3509: 4x CREE XP-E Photo Red auf 34mm Rund-Platine LT-3519: 4x CREE XP-E2 M2/M3 auf 34mm Rund-Platine LT-3528: 4x CREE XP-E2 Royal Blau auf 34mm Rund-Platin
  4. This Cree XP-E Photo Red will be a competitive alternative to this LED and can actually get more out of the LED as it can be run at up to 1000mA unlike the Luxeon that can only be run as high as 700mA. The infrared XP-E is our first surface mount LED that runs at the 720nm-740nm wavelengths. Our Osram infrared LED is a high 850nm so will be used for different purposes

XLamp XP-E2 LEDs Cree LED

Photo Red (660 nm) XP-E2 Photo Red 1.000 25 °C 0.350 2.4 3.41 6.9 XPEBPR-L1-0000-00D01 2.3 3.22 6.5 XPEBPR-L1-0000-00C01 XP-G3 Photo Red 1.500 25 °C 0.350 2.9 4.08 12.0 XPGDPR-L1-0000-00G01 2.7 3.89 11.4 XPGDPR-L1-0000-00F01 Color LED Maximum Current (A) Test Temperature Test Current (A) Minimum PF FR (µmol/s) PF FR /W (µmol/J) Minimum PF FR @ Max. (µmol/s) Order Cod The XLamp ® XP-E LED combines the proven lighting-class performance and reliability of the XLamp XR-E LED in a package with an 80% smaller footprint. This smaller package extends Cree LEDs award-winning LED performance into new LED lighting applications. New XLamp XP-E color LEDs provide up to 69% more flux than the existing XLamp XR color. Photo Red : Maximum Drive Current : 2.0 A (White & Royal Blue) 1.5 A (Photo Red) Max Power (W) 6 W : Max Light Output (lm) 777 l The XP-E LED is offered here in Far Red &\tPhoto Red. The XP-E has been superseded by the XP-E2, and is limited in production. We continue to list the item for reference and in this case because some XP-E LEDs are still available

Cree XP-E2 Photo Red 660nm LED Emitter - Kaidomai

The LEDs now have a lower voltage and got a bin bump, meaning that they emit more light and take less energy to do so. The XP-E2 red should be used over refugiums or algal turf scrubbers (ATS) in combination with our 660nm deep red, use one red for every four or so deep red, and one 430nm hyper violet The XP-E2 red should be used over refugiums or algal turf scrubbers (ATS) in combination with our 660nm deep red, use one red for every four or so deep red, and one 430nm hyper violet. Please use 18-24AWG stranded or solid wire to easily insert into the solderless connector - make sure you strip the wire Cree® XLamp® XP-E2 LEDs PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The XLamp® XP-E2 LED builds on the unprecedented performance of the original XP-E by increasing lumen output up to 20% while providing a single die LED point source for precise optical control. The XP-E2 LED shares the same footprint as the original XP-E, providing a seamless upgrade path to more lumen The XP-E2 color LED is offered here in Red, Red-Orange, PC Amber, Amber, Green, Blue and Royal-Blue. Photo Red and Far Red are not available yet in the XP-E2, but we do carry those colors in the original XP-E here

DURHAM, N.C. -- Cree, Inc. (NASDAQ: CREE) announces the next-generation XLamp ® XP-E2 Photo Red (660 nm) and Far Red (730 nm) LEDs, delivering breakthrough performance for horticulture applications. The new Red XP-E2 LEDs provide a drop-in upgrade for the previous generation that outperforms competing LEDs by up to 68 percent The Cree XLamp XP-E in photo red! The XLamp XP-E LED combines the proven lighting-class performance and reliability of the XLamp XR-E LED in a package with 80% smaller footprint. The XLamp XP-E LED continues Crees history of innovation in LEDs for lighting applications with wide viewing angle, symetrical package, unlimited floor life and. Triple Cree XP-E2 Photo Red 660nm LED Emitter with.. Product Specifications:Material:CopperLED:Cree XP-E2 Photo Red 660nmBase Plate Dim.:20mm (Dia.) x 1... $8.0 Cree's XP-E2 enables a broad range of high-lumen applications, from indoor and outdoor to portable and lamp retrofits. Photo Red LEDs. Bild Hersteller-Teilenummer Beschreibung Verfügbare Menge Details anzeigen; XPEBPR-L1-0000-00C01: XLAMP XP-E SMD LED RED: 40 - Sofort: Details anzeigen: XPEBPR-L1-0000-00D01 : XLAMP XP-E SMD LED RED: 3312 - Sofort: Details anzeigen: Red LEDs. Bild. Red, Red Orange, Amber, Green, Blue and Royal Blue. Special Color Options. SemiLEDs Ultra Violet (UV) in 400-410nm or 410-420nm. Cree XP-E in Photo Red and Far Red (infrared) Parallel or Series Circuit. Our 3-Up LED stars typically come in series, meaning all of the LEDs are controlled as one unit. We realize that when you have different colors.

8x CREE XP-E Photo Red auf Streifenplatine - Cree XPEPHR

Starboard, Cree Xlamp XP-E HE, Photo Red 130° 665nm 2.10 437 2.40 3.27 4.16 2.67 XQEEPR-00-0000-000000A01-SB01 Starboard, Cree Xlamp XQ-E, Photo Red 130° 665nm 2.10 375 2.06 2.81 3.42 2.10 Far Red 735nm XPEFAR-L1-0000-00601-SB01 Starboard, Cree Xlamp XP-E, Far Red 130° 735nm 1.90 230 1.30 1.96 2.27 1.59 Cree Horticulture Starboards Product. Die XLamp XP-E führt Crees inovative Erfolgsgeschichte im Sektor der Lichtapplikationen fort und punktet erneut mit einem weiten Abstrahlwinkel, symetrischem Gehäuse, zeitlich unbegrenzter Lebensdauer des Trägermaterials sowie elektrisch neutraler Wärmeableitung. Die Features im Einzelnen: - Max. Vorwärtsstrom: 1000m

Cree bringt neue rote XLamp LEDs mit bester Effizienz für

Solderless XP-E Red - CREE LE

  1. Cree XLamp XP-E2 Color LE
  2. Cree Delivers Best-in-Class Horticulture Efficiency with
  3. 8x CREE XP-E Photo Red on stripe PCB - Cree XPEPHR-L1-P3-14/1
  4. Triple LED On PCB - Kaidomai
  5. XLamp® XP-E2 LEDs - Cree DigiKe
  6. Custom 3-Up Cree High Power LED - LEDSuppl
  7. CREE XP-E Series LEDs - Kaidomai

Quad Cree XP-E2 Photo Red 660nm LED - Kaidomai

  1. 10pcs Cree XLamp XP-E2 XPE2 Photo Red 660nm LED Light DC 2
  2. CREE XP-E2 Q4 - Cree XPEBGR-G2-Q
  3. Amazon.com: cree xp-e2
  4. CREE XP-E2 Red LED — Rapid LE
  5. 4x CREE XP-E Serie auf 23mm Star Platin
  6. Tri-Cree XP-E2 vs Tri-cree Rebel - Brightness Test
  7. Sofirn C01R 🔦 660nm Photo Red Cree XLamp XP-E2 LED Night Vision AAA Keychain Flashlight Outdoor Test

LED Soldering Demonstration

Red and far red LEDs, 68% more efficient than competition says Creewith

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Video: 3.5'' Dual Color Strobe Ditch Cree LED Light Pods ( 30w white, 18w amber )

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